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    field with a default value from another field

      I need to populate a field as the default value from another field that the user inputs. I've tried the scripting that I found from the below Topic in the Archived Forums, but I'm not able to make it work. I've tried numerous variations and still to no avail. I tried to make the scripting work in Acrobat 6 and then decided that maybe I needed to upgrade, so I'm now trying it in Acrobat 8 with no results. Can anyone help?


      Acrobat 5 - field with default value of another field

      Ben PF - 03:31am Mar 23, 2007 Pacific

      How can I have a field date2 which has the default value of field date1, but which can be edited by the user if necessary without changing the value of date1.

      I've tried, but I just can't figure it out!

      Any help much appreciated.


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      Gene Dianoski - 5:22am Mar 23, 07 PST (#1 of 2)

      This, or some variation of this, should work:

      if(this.getField("date2").value == ""{
      this.getField("date2").value = this.getField("date1).value;
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      Ben PF - 6:49am Mar 23, 07 PST (#2 of 2)

      Thanks very much.

      I put it in at document level to start, but it didn't run the script automatically when date1 was first filled in, so I have put it in as a mouse exit action in date1 and it works a treat.

      Thanks for your help.