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    OLEDB data not updating

      I have several drop-down lists that I want to pull data from a MySQL database on a server. I have set up data sources to use a system DSN (using mysql-odbc 3.51?) and a SQL query. The drop-down lists are using dynamic properties for the list items. The from was created in LiveCycle Designer 8.

      The form works fine in LiveCycle's preview mode. If I open the form in Reader 8, the lists are populated. However, if I change the items in the database and reopen the form in Reader, the items do not reflect the database change. Furthermore, when I opened the form in Reader on a computer without the DSN, it happily showed the original data. i.e. it seems that Reader is never trying to read from the database.

      If I reopen the form in Livecycle Designer and preview the form, the changes made in the database are present. If I save the form, the changes are reflected in Reader, but further changes are not.

      In summary, LiveCycle Designer seems to be updating data from the database in its preview, but Reader is only showing the data that was there when last saved in LiveCycle Designer (some sort of cacheing?) and not updating from the database.

      I guess the question is obvious - how do I make the form such the Reader always gets its data from the database (and gives some error if database unavailable)?