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    Help with Scripting!

      Ok, to first describe what I'm trying to do. Here's a picture for reference: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v158/Tameanaka/?action=view&current=Total.jpg

      Ok so I want my customers to only have to fill out the first three lines in the picture. For comps/mini they will be entering either 99,199,299,49,69, or 89. For the next two lines it will change for everyone so those don't come into play. Ok now for the shipping lines, I want to create a kind of If..then script. Like if 99 is typed in the top line I want 12.99 to be placed in the shipping line, etc. I have the calculation script working already for the Subtotal line because it's just a simple addition minus the discounts.

      Now for Tax, I also want to do an if..then. On the first page of the form the customers address is placed. Could I do something like If State=MN then Subtotal*.065?? Hopefully this is clear enough to understand. I really need help, i'm not used to java only VB.