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    [JS] Referencing a PDF within a PDF Package with openDoc

    D Zurn Level 1
      I have a folder-level JavaScript I use to put a bunch of my favorite PDF references in the Help menu of Acrobat 8.1. All works well using code like this:

      ] app.addMenuItem ({
      ] cName: "CoreJS",
      ] cUser: "Core JavaScript 1.6",
      ] cParent: "JSHelp",
      ] nPos: 1,
      ] cEnable: "event.rc = smmd_validate ('Core JavaScript Guide');",
      ] cExec: "app.openDoc(smmdAcroPath + 'jslangguide.pdf');"
      ] });

      [smmd_validate and smmdAcroPath are defined and work as expected to activate the menu IF the desired document isn't open already, and to open the file in my expected network location.]

      But now I want to incoprporate the new PDF Reference 1.7, and it's a PDF package. I want to open the PDF file "pdf reference.pdf" within the package, not the cover page.

      How can I set up a destination with
      i openDoc
      to do that? I've tried Googling, but I haven't found any mentions of using openDoc with PDF packages.