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    Problem with Required Field Based on Radio Button/Combo List Selection

      I am exhausted and hope someone can assist me with a couple of problems I am having in developing a form for my company in Acrobat 8 Professional. Let me preface this by stating that I knew nothing about Adobe or Javascript prior to having this project thrown in my lap, but I feel I've learned quite a bit.

      My problem:

      I have created a travel form with a radio button to ask whether the person traveling is a department head or not. If this is yes, my CFO's signature field is required; otherwise, it is not required. This works fine.

      I have a combo box in which the user selects the state they are traveling to. If the user selects any state other than Texas ... the CFO's signature field is required. This also works fine, unless ....

      If the traveler is a department head (which would be yes on my radio button - requires signature) and is traveling in state (Texas - signature not required), the CFO's signature field no longer shows to be required. In this case, because the traveler is a department head ... the CFO's signature is still requried. Anyone know how I can fix my script to say if the traveler is a department head - signature required; traveler is traveling out of state - signature required; and if department head and in-state - signature is still required?