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    File Set Up for CD Auto Play on Mac

      I have a small website that I need to burn to a CD and AutoPlay when inserted into a drive. I have set up a couple "AutoRun"executable files (for those PCs out there) which works fine, but the CD will not AutoPlay on a Mac. The HTML files (on the CD) display as Dreamweaver files, and when double clicked start up Dreamweaver instead of a browser.
      Any ideas on a work-around for the CD to AutoPlay in [any] browser on a Mac???
      Please help! Thanks!!
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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          To answer your question on the HTML opening up in DW this is due to your default system configuration which probably has HTML documents opening in DW. The default is Safari on the Mac unless a user changes it or installs a program that changes it. This same statement would be true under a Windows environment if you set up the same permissions.

          Adobe has a nice article for creating Autoplay CDs.

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            jefreygunion Level 1
            Thanks for the response! The first thing I did was go to the Adobe site (your link below) to read up on this. It didn't help much. The Autorun feature as I've set up [in the root folder on the CD] works on PCs though. Most of the users we're giving this CD to are on Macs. Might try and set up a PDF with embedded links as the index page, so a double click on any of those links will run the CD website. Not sure. Any other ideas??? Thank you!
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              Level 7
              from the page:

              AutoPlay on Macintosh OSX

              The AutoPlay feature was silently dropped under Mac OS X. For usability
              purposes, a readme file can be added to a CD's root folder to instruct the
              user about what to do. Many Macintosh resources recommend this for OSX as
              well System 9.
              A number of workarounds to enable AutoPlay on OSX have been posted on
              various online resources. For supported procedures regarding the AutoPlay
              feature, check the Macintosh Developer website.

              Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver