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    Problem with SetPageAction in Acrobat Reader


      I'm trying to create an animation field when the user opens the document.
      The code works fine in Acrobat 8 Pro and the animation field works.
      But when I save the pdf with the rights enabled for Acrobat Reader, I still get the error message: "NotAllowedError: Security settings restrict access. doc.setPageAction:5:Page Open:undefined" and I don't know why ?

      The code for the animation works fine in Acrobat Reader if I start the animation with a mouse click. Can it be, that this is a bug in Acrobat Reader 8?

      Ahh something that I forgot to mention, after I saved the pdf with rights enabled for Acrobat Reader, the setPageAction didn't work with Acrobat Pro any more.

      I don't know what I should do, to solve this problem. So I hope someone can help me.