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    Extract and control naming components of PDF Package

      I have a pdf package created from a mail folder in Outlook 2003 using Adobe Acrobat 8.1.2 Professional on Windows XP Pro.

      Is there a way to extract the individual e-mails and control the naming, such as combining the date/time and subject fields to form the file name?

      The default appears to name the individual PDF files based on the "Subject" of the e-mails; Unfortunately, there are several e-mail chains that make it difficult to select a specific e-mail after extracting.

      Along these same lines, is there a way to extract and rename attachments based on the date/time of the e-mail so that after extraction, you have files named:

      11-27-2007 10.44.21AM Subject
      11-27-2007 10.44.21AM Subject Attachment01
      11-27-2007 10.44.21AM Subject Attachment02

      I'm trying to get the files in order chronologically to assemble.