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    Using folder-level Javascripts on a Server

    D Zurn Level 1
      I have some folder-level Javascripts that I'd like to keep on our network, but still have individual users load it automatically at startup. That way they get the updated functions without revisiting each machine any time there's a change.

      I can do that on our Macs by putting an alias to the desired network file, but I'm stuck how to do that for our Windows XP users. A Shortcut didn't seem to get loaded properly even when put into the correct app.getPath("user","javascript")

      Someone in the archives mentioned that they have a stub saved in each user's JS folder, which will load their network code from within Acrobat. I'd be interested in finding out how this is done, I thought I can only open PDFs, and those after the initialization was finished.

      We are using this to populate menus and toolbar buttons with our customized functions, so getting this done at app initialization is great.

      FYI, I found I could add a menu to show the version of the Javascripts, just by using my version variable as the text of the menu and/or toolbar button!




      B Hensley - 4:53pm Sep 6, 07 PST (#2 of 2)



      Not sure how you found this, but I'll give it a try.

      b Our document open code simply calls "document open" code
      b in the folder-level js (so we can update the code on
      b the workstation rather than all documents).
      Do you suppose that other functions performed by this document open code might need the delay, as well?