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    generate a new "document id" via script *every* time a pdf file is opened

      I have a pdf file on a frontpage server, the pdf has embedded javascript that generates a "document id" using a simple function that just spits out the current date down to the millisecond.

      The function works, and populates the field as expected, the problem is the field does not get populated *instantly* upon opening the pdf file. Instead, the user has to click on a field on the form or press a "clear form" button in order to get the document id to "refresh".

      This is a problem because some users are downloading opening and printing the pdf form without ever refreshing the "document id"

      Is there a way to write javascript in acrobat that will *force* a script to be triggered every time the pdf file is opened? I need something equivalent to a document.onLoad() event that you see in HTML.

      So far, I've found a way to get the script to run by attaching it to the "document level" javascript, but it doesn't run *every time* the pdf file gets opened by the user.