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    Please help me with this calculation script

      Hello everyone.

      I have 2 fields named A and B. FieldA is user-enter value and FieldB is calculated. I want to write a script that do the following:
      If FieldA is more than or equal to $10000, then FieldB always is $1000, Else FieldB = FieldA * 10%.

      I don't know about scripting; however, after hour of search through google, I wrote this one:

      var tvar
      If (tvar >= 10000)then deposit.value = 1000
      else deposit.value = total.rawValue*0.01

      And when I try to run, it say "Invalid Property Set Operation, value doesn't have a default property."

      I know my script is bad and over the place. Can anyone please help me with this problem ASAP. Thank you so much, I'm in your debt.
      I used Adobe LiveCycle Designer to create a PDF file.