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    Problems using own plugin in Acrobat using JavaScript


      I have started to develop a plugin for Acrobat 8.0 that will add some kind of 3d-content to an existing model. I tried somewhat, but I face the problem that I can't find out how to use the plugin in Acrobat with Javascript. I added the .api file in the folder Acrobat/Plugins and the plugin is loaded, because it appears in the list of plugins.

      But I can't find out how to use the methods of the plugin in javascript. I always get the error: 'can't found [methodname]' or 'can't found [pluginname]'. For example a plugin with the name "myPlugin" and method "testMyPlugin" that display an AVAlertNote. How can you use the method testMyPlugin? Do you need to use some kind of prefix, or whatever. Perhaps this is a newbie question, but I can't find out it in the documentation.

      So what do I need to use my own plugin into Acrobat using javascript?