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    inkAction to map spot to process

      Hi all,

      I try to use new javascript function "colorConvertPage" from Acrobat 8 Pro to map spot color to a process color.
      I want to get the same result as in "advance" -> "print" -> "convert color"
      then select a spot color (PANTONE mainly)
      finally set "action" to "map to Process Cyan" (for exemple)
      Take care that Acrobat version 8.0.0 is buggy and won't work correctly if the spot is include in a duotone image. You need at least version 8.1.0.
      So I input a 5 color PDF and output a 4 color one.

      The goal is to fully automate this action by batch.

      The script sample to convert PDF to RGB works fine. But I don't find how to select my spot channel and how to set the action to "map to Cyan".
      For exemple I would like to check that my current channel is (or not) a Procces one. But the "isProcessColor" function always reply "false". Also the "colorantName" function is always empty.

      Need some help, please