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    Acrobat Professional 8 - dropping text from merged PDF's


      Using Adobe Professional 8, on Vista, on a new HP machine, when we merge two PDF's together.... the resultant PDF seems to loose individual text characters.

      The missing characters seem to disappear at random and aren't fancy fonts.

      It's damn frustrating & makes the resultant file useless.... can anyone help ?

      Jon Hilton
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          Patrick Leckey Level 3
          Would you be able to provide a link to the source and merged PDFs?

          I'm just curious why you posted this in the Acrobat Scripting Forum - how does this relate to Scripting in Acrobat? Don't you think you would be better served by posting this in the general Acrobat Forums, we're mostly scripters here (in the Scripting forum) and don't really deal with these sorts of technical issues - that is why there is a separate forum for those.

          The Acrobat Windows Forum can be found here: