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    Hidden and Visible

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      I have a Box that when checked it should make 1 thing disappear and 2 others appear and vise versa when unchecked. Can anyone help me figure out why it is only half way working?
      when checked-- consumerOptions should appear
      consumerCheckBox and consumer should disappear

      when unchecked-- consumerOptions should disappear
      consumerCheckBox and consumer should appear

      if (event.target.value == "Yes") {
      this.getField("consumerOptions").hidden = false;
      this.getField("commercial").hidden = true;
      this.getField("commercialCheckBox").hidden = true;

      this.getField("consumerOptions").hidden = true;
      this.getField("commercialCheckBox").hidden = false;
      this.getField("commercial").hidden = false;