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    Ordering PDFs and Automating Combination Binding

      Here's what I'm looking for in a nutshell - I have 10+ pdfs with inconsistent names, I need to combine them in a specified order, and optimize save so that Reader 7 is able to read. A javascript (or plug-in or 3rd party er whatever) - needs to work on both the Mac OSX 10.4.8 using Acro8 Pro and Windows XP Professional using Acro8 Standard. (we're doing a very high volume of these multiple times a day, so streamlining the process would be awesome!)

      How I thought it could maybe work...

      1) Might need to be done in two parts, organizing files for order and then the automation of combining and saving?

      2) I have 10 pdfs that need to be in a specific order, unfortunately the naming varies so to create an automated order I was thinking I would place 1 (sometimes 2) pdfs in 10 different folders that have a consistent name that would relate to the order.

      3) Script would do one of two things. a) would rename the files content to have 1 added to the beginning of the name and if multiples in the folder 1a, 1b etc. , then it would go on to the next folder and do 2 etc. and the renamed files would all be placed in a single folder for the combining to occur OR b) The javascript in Acrobat would pull all the contents of the specified folders in a certain order to create a collated PDF.

      4) If (a) was used in 3, then the javascript would bring in the numbered files keeping them in alpha order by using the combine files add folder command.

      5) PDFs are combined using the "smaller file" optimization

      6) File is saved out with either a naming convention or user prompt to save name

      Here's what I've found
      1) I found a script from PDF world that looks like it prompts for direction on the file selection / combining order. Could it be modified to do what I'd like?
      http://www.planetpdf.com/developer/article.asp?ContentID=collating_pdfs_using_javascrip&gi d=6866&rhs_fa

      2) Found a program called ARTS PDF Split and Merge Lite, but it only works on Acrobat 8 in windows, and Acrobat 7 on the mac (I need it in Acro8 on the Mac)

      3) I'm messing around with the batch processing in Acrobat, but haven't even gotten the script from (1) to work yet. (Am a geeky graphic designer, that is scripting challenged but determined)

      Does anyone know of something out there that already does this or am I a goof and missing it in Acrobat? Does this seem like a task for scripting or another process? If you have a book or resource that might address this subject I'm very open to ideas.

      Thanks so much!
      Rosie Cantrell