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    Print Button per Bookmark:  Can I Do This?

      A quick review of the AcroJSGuide v7 and this forum tells me probably not. But I'm thinking my goal is a common one, and am hoping to hear from those who have been down this road:

      I have a "large" document (100 - 200 pages);
      divided into logical sections (i.e., corresponds to Bookmarks);
      On each page, I want a button for "Print This Section";
      that runs a print() script;
      in which the first/last page arguments are the retrieved first/last pages of the current Bookmark node.

      I can't see that I can get the page numbers I need with the available JS classes. I was hoping to script something like "for the page I'm currently on, tell me the Bookmark name; for the Bookmark name, tell me the first and last page numbers; insert those in the print() command."

      Any advice appreciated, thanks.