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    PDF Link Functionality

      Wasn't sure how to title this subject or even in which forum to post this, so forgive me if either is inappropriate.

      Is it possible to create a link in a PDF that behaves like a macro? For example, is it possible to insert a link at the bottom of a PDF page that says something like, To print this page, click here and have it send a message to the printer to print a certain page range?

      I'm not a programmer and have no experience with Javascript.

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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          A link can run various kinds of things: it can go to a page, or open a
          file .... or it can run a JavaScript. What you think of as macros
          would be a JavaScript in Acrobat. There are JavaScript commands (or
          rather, methods) to ask Acrobat to print.

          Bear in mind that if you are used to Word macros, that Acrobat
          JavaScripts are designed to be safe. This means they can't do a bunch
          of things that Word macros can do, like work with local files.

          Aandi Inston