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    links and images

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      1) Is there any way to add/move a hyperlink through javascript?

      2) Is there any way to add/move an image through javascript?
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          Hm.. ok I see that I can do something like this:

          var link1 = this.addLink(i, [50,50,100,100]);
          link1.borderColor = color.red;
          link1.borderWidth = 10;
          link1.setAction( "myFunction();");

          But what I actually wanted was to make either a text link, or an image link... not a box link. (I want to add the text or image as well).

          Is this possible?
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            There is actually no such thing in PDF as a text or image link. All
            links are box links. That is to say, the text and images are
            completely independent (the "real" PDF if you like), while all links
            are just rectangles with actions attached to them.

            JavaScript provides no tools for adding real text nor real images.

            You might like to look into whether you can get what you want with
            some kind of form field.

            Aandi Inston