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    export annotations

      I'm trying to export annotations to a string using acrobat Javascript.
      basically, i want to send the annotation (including style information and positions like produced by the function doc.exportAsXFDF(); ) to a server onSave.
      PDF annotation -> xfdf ==> server (e.g. using SOAP) ==> xfdf --> add annotation to a (yet annotation free) pdf.

      doc.exportAsXFDF() is no possibility, as the user should not be asked to store any files. As far as i know, it is not possible to save a xfdf file to the harddrive without the users help, is that right?

      I wonder why it is not possible/supported to use doc.exportAsXFDFStr() on annotations? is this for security reasons?

      Also, i tried spansToXml, but this lacks of position information etc.
      var r_annot = annots[i].richContents;
      var xml = util.spansToXML(r_annot);

      are there any other ways to get to the xfdf as a string using JS?

      thanks in advance

      Adobe Acrobat 8.1.2
      Windows XP Pro