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      How do I insert a Captivate movie so that it opens in a new window? I've been told that I need to use something called, "Baggage Files." Can someone please help/explain?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Ian

          Are you using RoboHelp HTML or RoboHelp for Word? I suppose it really doesn't matter. The process is about the same either way. Basically you create your Captivate output. Then close the project in Captivate. In RoboHelp, you right-click the Baggage Files folder and choose new baggage file. Then you point at all the files in the Captivate output location. Once added, you simply link to them. You configure the link to open in a new window.

          Cheers... Rick
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            ilundy77 Level 1
            hi rick,

            i'm sorry for not introducing myself...my name is ian...thanks for getting back to me! actually, i tried creating the baggage file, adding the 4 files created by captivate (.htm, .swf, _skin.swf, and .js), and then linking robohelp to captivate by dragging the .htm file from the Project Manager pod to the highlighted text that i want to create the link out of in the WYZIWIG.

            I then had a coworker test out the link by launching the .htm file that RoboHelp creates and clicking the link i created. My coworker got an error saying: "Cannot find file:///G:/Captivate/Vault/SearchingForAssets_training.htm" Make sure path or Internet address is correct."

            i'm pretty frustrated at this point...any suggestions?
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              ilundy77 Level 1

              please disregard my previous post...i figured out the problem--i'd forgotten to regenerate my layout after re-linking the files...thx so much!!