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    Moving field data to a history diary?

    evil8 Level 1
      How would I go about creating an appointment date history? Example - a client comes in on 01/01/08 and the current date field value is updated via javaScript

      function freshDate() {
      var theDate = this.getField("date.today");
      theDate.value = util.printd("mm/dd/yy", new Date());

      Next when the form is closed that date needs to be put at the top of a history field. When the client come in on 01/02/08 the first appointment date is in history 01/01/08 and when the form is closed again the new date 01/02/08 gets moved to history bumps the old date 01/01/08 to another line and inserts the new date 01/02/08 to the top. So after awhile the history field have a list of appointment dates listed in decending order.

      All help is great!