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    Extract doc text to use in form fields

      Is it possible to use JavaScript to get text from a document (say originally created in MS Word them printed to PDF) then add it to a form field in the same document?

      I have a cover sheet in PDF with multiple form fields, some of which could be populated with information in the rest of the document. Most of the items have a identifiable text string before the text I need such as "name: XXXXXX".

      Is there a way to search for "name: " and return everything following it to a specified form field?
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          I've been battling over this very same issue for over a week. I do not think it is possible - ie. from Word to an Acroform.


          There is a Word addin called CenoPdf. But that software was not useful for our purpose. (Go to CenoPdf.com)


          The best way probably is to set up a command button in PDF, and include some Javascript to add fields. And that is exactly, what I think is the best solution.


          My problem is similar to yours. We have some Word templates with text (form fields) that have data pulled in. Additionally, we have some text and date fields, whcich once converted to Adobe, will need to be populated. And we have numerous templates that generate hundreds of signed documents.


          Will be glad to hear from others.