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    Trusted PDFs and Javascript

    John.Kordas Level 1
      Is this possible and if so what is required to make it work.

      Currently if you place print(false); at the document level and save the file. Every time you open it with Acrobat 8 you get a message telling you that the document is trying to print. This was not the case with version 7 and I understand all the security issues.

      If you create a script like this:

      printFile = app.trustedFunction( function ()
      // Additional code may appear above
      app.beginPriv(); // Explicitly raise privilege
      // Additional code may appear below.

      Save it in the javascripts folder.

      Then call this trusted function printFile(); at the document level you do not get the message. This is fine but a pain if you have to make each version of acrobat that you want this to occur on have the script installed.

      I've been looking at certifying a pdf and having the Embedded high privilege JavaScript turned on within acrobat. Could I certify a pdf and when the user opens the pdf if they agree to my certificate the pdf will print without the print message coming up?

      Is this possible?