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    How do you code blur?

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      Have gotten no response to my question about how to detect when a Text Box has been selected. So I had to find another solution to my problem. I found a method called blur() that, when put into a link, should be able to un-select a selected Text Box. Not knowing much about JavaScript syntax, I tried using blur in several hours worth of made-up trial statements but none worked. Please help.

      I need a statement, with blur() in it, that in English says, unselect the Text Box named Text5. The statement will go into the actions box of a link that is set for CUSTOM > ACTIONS > Run a JavaScript. The Text Box that the link will control is made with the Text Field tool of the FORMS toolbar (not LiveCycle Designer) of Acrobat Pro 8. All of that is on a PDF form document. I would be grateful for a translation of my statement into correct syntax. Thank you.