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    PDF to TXT Conversion

      I'm using Acrobat Standard 8.1.0.

      I would like to run from Excel VBA a process to convert PDF files into TXT files. The same affect of opening the files in Acrobat and clicking on Save As and changing the filetype to .txt. I've looked through the online SDK and am rather familiar with VBA, etc. I get the following error no matter what syntax I use to try to save the file as anything other than a pdf file. Here's my code and the error:


      Dim AcroXApp As Acrobat.AcroApp
      Dim AcroXAVDoc As Acrobat.AcroAVDoc
      Dim AcroXPDDoc As Acrobat.AcroPDDoc
      Dim Filename As String

      Filename = "R:\My Documents\ZBIR006A_8781830 - DRC000004311.pdf"

      Set AcroXApp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")

      Set AcroXAVDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.AVDoc")
      AcroXAVDoc.Open Filename, "Acrobat"

      Set AcroXPDDoc = AcroXAVDoc.GetPDDoc

      Dim jsObj As Object
      Set jsObj = AcroXPDDoc.GetJSObject

      jsObj.SaveAs "R:\My Documents\pdfTest.txt", "com.adobe.Acrobat.plain-text"

      AcroXAVDoc.Close False

      On the jsObj.SaveAs line I get the following error:
      "UnsupportedValueError: Value is unsupported. ===> Parameter cConvID.

      I've looked through all of the documentation online and cannot come up with a reason why I'm not able to do this. Please help!!