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    Styling richtexteditor buttons to be different from other buttons

      First, I'm pretty new to flex. I've been asked to help style someone else's flex app (even though I'm mostly an html/css person, not a flex person). I've googled around for this issue and haven't been able to see anyone make mention of my particular problem.

      My flex app points to a style sheet where I've styled the buttons to have a blue background:

      Button { fillColors: #66bada, #04709e, #04709e, #04709e; }

      My problem is that some buttons within the richTextEditor (specifically the 'bold', 'italicize', 'underline', and the 'bullet list' buttons) are inheriting that blue background color style, and I'd rather them be gray.

      I tried something like this in the style sheet to override other button styles:

      RichTextEditor {
      buttonStyleName: "RTEButtonStyle";
      .RTEButtonStyle {
      fillColors: #ffffff, #cccccc, #ffffff, #cccccc;

      but that didn't take. Can someone steer me in the right direction? I'd even but up for inline styles, but unsure how to apply those to the RichTextEditor tag. Any help is much appreciated.