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    Help with a script

      How would I go about hiring someone to write a script for Acrobat?

      I will soon have about 50,000 multi-page PDF's. These PDF's will have barcoded sheets randomly inserted througout each PDF. I'd like to have a bookmark set at each barcode sheet. The PDF's have not yet been created so I have control over what the barcode sheet will have on it. The bookmarks can be labeled with the same information throughout all 50,000 PDF's. Just need them bookmarked. If Acrobat is the wrong applicaiton to use, please let me know which app would be better suited for this process.

      If someone can help or can point me in the right direction, please let me know.

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          If you have control over how the barcode sheets get put into the PDFs - why not put the bookmark there at the same time? How are you creating the PDFs with the barcode sheets (or how are you putting the barcode sheets inside the PDFs?)

          Olaf Drümmer
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            Patrick Leckey Level 3
            If you have a decent understanding of coding, you can purchase a Developer Support incident from Adobe for USD$195. They will not write the script for you, but will give you samples and support during the development of your script.

            If you want someone to completely write the script for you, top to bottom, documentation, future support, etc. you'll want to contact Adobe Consulting. There is no fixed price for consulting, it is on a project-specific basis.