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    Batch of tasks in Adobe Acrobat - marking words in yellow automatically in the documents stored


      My problem is I work with around (20,000 documents per folder / twenty thousand documents per folder - no joke) and I need to review them.

      Amazingly... you'd think I will never end, but reading 50 documents per day (which is not a huge quantity of work, then I'll finish my job in 1 year 3 months approximately. That is reading 50 documents from monday to saturday in a full time basis of 8 hours.

      Okay. I wished to do more pleasant my job with that HUGE quantity of information, marking in yellow a list of important words for me, for example:

      ratio, etc.

      Then, my work is easier, because I open the PDF, I browse fast with the mice thru the document, and bingo I see all the important words in yellow.

      b What I need is a software, a script or something that do exactly the following:

      1. I provide a list of words (10, 20, 30 whatever)
      2. I provide a folder where there are stored all my PDF files (around 20,000 different files)
      3. Now the software, the script... whatever... AUTOMATICALLY mark in yellow every word in the list I've provided.
      4. The idea is the software, script, whatever be doing this task all the time, for example, working at nights...
      5. The next morning I arrive to the office, and just open the PDF files with all the important words in yellow... so I don't have to read all the document, just watch the important paragraphs where there is information pertaining to my interest.

      b My question is, if is there a software, script... etc. that could do this job?

      b May I program a batch of tasks doing this exactly, without obtaining a tool that do this for me? is possible to program this using the batch processing function provided by adobe acrobat?

      If you could direct me in the appropriate direction to get a tool to do this for me or guide me about how to program a batch process in Adobe Acrobat to do these tasks, I'd be really grateful.