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    FormCalc GrandTotal Prob lem

      I am not very familiar with scripting. I mostly use LiveCycle and type a formula similar to example from the net into the "calculation" box.

      I'm having trouble in my form with the following GrandTotal script:

      The problem is that the GrandTotal calculates progressively as the order is filled out - changing as each item, quantity and amount is added and subsequently changing the SubTotal. The GrandTotal updates correctly when the tax is added, too. However, when Shipping or Other1 (past due amount, etc.) is added the new grand total appears on top of the "previous" grand total (with only the subtotal & tax).

      Can someone tell me what is wrong?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          You may have to adjust the calculation order or place all the calculaitons in the Grand Total field in the order you want them done.
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            Thanks for the reply Geo, but the calculations are already in the right order. The problem is that any time I enter something in one of the last two fields, the "new" Grand Total appears over (on top of) the Grand Total that was already there, instead of it changing as it had been doing correctly. (The Grand Total then looks scrambled, but since it is programmed to allow user override, I can click inside the box and backspace - and it deletes the old total, leaving the correct total, as though there are two layers.) I do not want visitors to the website or the seller (my client) to be forced to go in and correct it everytime.

            Has anyone ever seen anything like this? I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE THIS FINISHED AND WORKING ON FRIDAY OF LAST WEEK. I REALLY NEED HELP! If anyone can go in to the link and check it out. You can ignore the rest of the form and just enter a couple of quantities and amounts. https://host36.christianwebhost.com/magdacsihas/magdaOrderForm.pdf

            I do notice that when adding costs of shipping or other1, the amounts are not bold, does that mean anything? PLEASE HELP.
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              Hey guys. I DISCOVERED THE PROBLEM. The shipping and other1 fields were added to the form after what is showing as a "footer" with payment method was enlarged to include additional information the client wanted added.

              This caused the two sections to overlap. So, when the last two calculations were added, they were actually inside the footer section. I evidentally also added a second Grand Total (thinking the first had been deleted when I couldn't select it) and therefore ended up with...you got it - TWO LAYERS - each containing its own Grand Total.

              Sorry for the confusion. Wanted to post the solution just in case other newbies ran into a similar problem!