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    How to call function addRequirements


      I'm trying following line from the "JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference":

      addRequirement(this.requirements.EnableJavaScripts, {[{cType: reqHandlers.JS, cScriptName: "requirement"}]});

      Acrobat says: "Invalid property id". Without cType and cScriptName everything is fine. Does anyone know how to use this?

      Christian Wiesbauer
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          I did a simple copy paste from the Acrobat XI Documentation and I had the same issue.


          In fact the correct syntax is:

               addRequirement(this.requirements.EnabledJavaScripts, [{cType: "redHandlers.JS"; cScriptName: "reuirement"}]);


          You just need to remove the external accolade over second the parameter.


          Hope it helps at least someone.



          David Corral