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    File Attachements

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      I have a problem with file attachements.

      Ther are two types of attachements, FileAttachements as annotations, or attachements as DataObjects, I tried.

      I have to solve this problem:
      Using JS, I have to import a FileAttachement into the my document, and the user has to open it, both in Acrobat pro AND in Reader (with form support).
      (all cause of accessibility, using just a button).

      In Acro pro I can use DataObjects to import an open, but, in Reader I can only open an attachement, but not add it.

      Coul I therfore use FileAttachement as an annotation?
      I tried this code, but there was no result in adding the the file.

      >var annot = this.addAnnot({
      page: 0,
      type: "FileAttachment",
      contents: "File description",
      author: "A. C. Robat",
      name: "C/temp/Testseite.pdf",
      path: "C/temp/Testseite.pdf",
      rect: [540, 540]

      The symbol has been placed correctly, and in the annotation window, there are informations like author, description ...
      But no File has been attached.
      What is wrong?

      And how could I open the attached file of an annotation?
      I did not find any description...

      Could anyone help?