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    Scripting Simple Forms/Values/Inputs

      So, I made a little mockup of what I'm trying to do.


      I need to make a PDF do this... With forms and stuff in AA Pro:
      1. There are values, "M" (model), "C" (color), and "A" (material).
      2. When a user chooses a value "M", the value is sent to an input field at the top of the page. The result is saved for when the form is sent.
      3. The same thing happens with other values, such as "C" and "A".

      Basically this would be used as an order form for a lighting company that makes architectural poles for fixtures, specifying pole model, color, and material, gathering the information at the top of the PDF then sending it to the producer.

      There will probably be other fields for this, such as quantity, height, etc, but for now I'm trying to keep it simple.

      Anyone have any links to tutorials regarding this or any simple scripts/solutions for this? I would greatly appreciate any help anyone has to give, and would be deeply thankful for all assistance.