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    Need help in Acrobat 8 with calculation script

      I'm new to this and have fumbled and stumbled my way to something that almost works.

      My form, created in Acro 8 is a membership form for our curling club.
      There are lots of fields, with calculations and exporting. I have them all working. But one area has five fields, all with a checkbox and a value of 200 for each. If more than one box is checked, then the total doesn't exceed 360.

      The fields are named, MonEvenOpen, TuesdayEvenOpen, WednesdayEvenOpen, ThursdayEvenOpen, and ThursdayEvenBOpen.

      I created a hidden field (HiddenTotal) that is a sum of the 4 check boxes, then I have this script running in the field under Total column.

      var TempTotal = this.getField("HiddenTotal");
      var Total = this.getField("EveningOpenFee");
      if (TempTotal.value > 200)
      Total.value = 360;
      if (TempTotal.value == 0)
      Total.value = 0;
      if (TempTotal.value == 200)
      Total.value = 200;

      Selecting one check box displays the proper total, Selecting more than one then the totals don't display properly or change until any of the boxes are unchecked.

      I'm cooked, and way over my head.
      Is there any help available out there?