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    Setting source for image field

      I'm still trying to find a way around my "watermark" issues. It doesn't have to be a watermark, per se. I just need to be able to put the picture on the form based on user submission. Here's what I've done, but it's not working as I expected. Perhaps someone can help?

      The livecycle form has an image object. It also has a dropdown selection. Depending on what the user selects in the dropdown, I change the href of the image. Although the field accepts my input, it doesn't actually SHOW the image that I put referenced.

      Another important point I've left out of my previous posts....

      There is a great deal said about how it is easy to confuse changing the appearance of the document without changing the layout. Actually, this is exactly what I want to do. When I am totally done with everything, I intend to flatten the whole thing and save it as an unchangeable document. (This may require printing to a PDF print driver.) In other words, my application is not about the DATA in the form, but the LOOK of the form when it's filled out.

      So, the question of the day is....

      Given an image field, how do I programatically change the actual image it displays?