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    Disable page advancement in interface

    Bart Cross Level 4
      I want a PDF document that can only be navigated from within the document itself, not through the interface. Is this possible?
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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          > Is this possible?

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            MarkWalsh Level 4
            You might be able to accomplish something that does what you want if you create a document where all of the pages are hidden templates. You could then spawn a page from whichever page template you want to show, and delete the current page.

            Of course, this could easily get way more complicated than it's worth for you (especially if you have a document with a lot of pages), plus I'm not sure if templates will work in Reader, if that is a concern; but it might give you the result you want if you can work with these limitations.
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              Bart Cross Level 4
              Essentially my idea was the first page is a copyright page, which you have to acknowledge the terms of the agreement before viewing the document. Once in the document, you have the interface as normal.
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                DimitriM Level 3
                Here is an example that does this but it is by NO means a rock-solid security solution. It simply ensures that the user does indeed see and achknowledge the agreement before being able to view the document. Also, if the user has JavaScript turned off they will be unable to go beyond the cover page because they will never see the agreement dialog.


                Hope this helps,

                WindJack Solutions
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                  Bart Cross Level 4
                  I apologize for not responding sooner, the 'subscribe' button didn't work.

                  While that is a solution, it does not form part of the document so essentially if someone downloads the document they can open it without the agreement, I was looking to get the agreement embedded in the first page of the document, always forming part of the document, no matter where it gets to and if you wish to view the document, you would always have to agree to the terms before continuing.

                  I understand that a document could be re-engineered to remove the agreement, but that would not matter because you would have to be aware of the copyright agreement in order to re-move it.

                  I appreciate your time to create a solution.
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                    MarkWalsh Level 4
                    Try adding this to a Page Close event for the first page:

                    var userConfirm = app.alert ("Do you agree to these terms?",0, 2);
                    if (userConfirm == 3) {

                    If the user doesn't have Javascript enabled, they won't see this alert. I don't have Reader installed, so I can't check to see if it works the same in reader.

                    edit: Closing the document also displays the alert, you would have to set a variable when closing to prevent the alert from showing.

                    edit#2: The close page event fires before the document 'Will Close' event, so I don't think you'd be able to prevent the dialog from occurring if the user closes the document without advancing the page.
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                      gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                      The problem with a Scripting solution is that users can individually turn off JavaScript in their version and all JavaScripts will be disabled and that is why using JavaScript is not rock solid.