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    Text box leading matches lines on form

    Bill Lomax Level 1
      Im stumped. I have a PDF form for a non-profit that is interactive. It should also be easy to fill out in longhand. I set the form up in InDesign, and added functionality with Acrobat 8 on a Macintosh. Old school thinking is that you provide a series of lines for people on which to write. My problem is that when I try to layer an interactive multi-line text box over it, I cannot get the leading to match the lines. I cant find anything, anywhere that states how Acrobat is determining leading related to text size. And even if I turn rich text formatting on; when I wipe the data from the fields, it does align the same when I enter new data. Ideally, the text that fills in will match the spacing of the lines on the form exactly. Anyone have any ideas here? - Bill
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          Hi Bill. This isn't possible I'm afraid, unless you match your native file with the leading in acrobat which would still be a lot of mucking around and time consuming. I simply remove the keylines from the native file (keeping the outer keylines in)and then ensure that the character count is correct so you end up with one large field but no lines (not needed once the form is made interactive).
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            Since you're tyring to accommodate both users (Online and written), check out 'my' forms on http://www.courts.state.nh.us/fdpp/forms/index.htm
            Each field is highlighted as the user enters the field and, for multi-line fields, the background changes to white to eliminate the need for spacing but leaves the lines available if the user just wants to print the form and fill by hand.

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              After checking out the forms mentioned by Meabh, I think that has been the best option I have seen so far.


              The details are as follows:


              Open up your form with the lines.

              Create a multi-line form field text box over the area with the lines.


              Under "text field properties", then "actions" tab:


              Select Trigger: On Focus
              Select Action: Run a Javascript
              Click Add and enter this code:


              Add another action:
              Select Trigger: On Blur
              Select Action: Run a Javascript
              Click Add and enter this code:


              The HighlightOn/Off covers the lines when you click in the form field and start typing.


              I think the LinesBlur changes it back to transparent if you remove all the content in the box again.


              I tried doing this without the highlight, but then you still see the lines through the text box when you are trying to type into it.


              I would still prefer a method that does not cover up the lines either by:

              1. Adjusting text leading (line spacing). This would be ideal. (Can this be done with rich text?)

              2. Auto jump to the next field in a series of single-line fields when the text reaches the end of the field, and jump back if you delete text all the way to the beginning of the line (this is not ideal because edits made on one line will not reflow the other lines).


              We have been able to but I have not figured out how to do either of those options. If anyone figures out one of these or another method, please let us know.