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    Programmatically importing certificates in Acrobtat Trusted Identities


      I have a signed PDF document, whose signer or its issuer is not trusted in Acrobtat Trusted Identities. On verifying the signature, I get a question mark over the signature field. The only way to get a Tick is to either Trust the signer or one of its certificates by adding it manually in Adobe OR import the certificate in Windows Key store and enable setting to use Windows Key store as a trusted store.

      My question is, can the import of the certificate in Adobe Trusted Identity area be automated via Java script or through some other via as it would be cumbersome for the end user to manually trust the certificate.

      I have read the Javascript references, tried the example: var oMyCert = security.importFromFile("Certificate", "/c/myCert.cer");

      but it didn't add the certificaet. Probably it is not importing the cert in Trusted Identity and only loading it.

      Is there any workaround, Thanks..