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    adding a node to data model using scripting: rendering problem

      Hi, hope you will help me.

      I have a subform with "Repeat Subform for each data item" option enabled. This subform is bound on data model tree list.

      My case is to generate additinal number of such subforms on fly.

      var items = xfa.data.resolveNode("items");
      items.nodes.append( items.nodes.item(0).clone(true) );

      As result, the number of visible subforms is still the same as before,but if we check the instance manager of this subform - the count was increased.

      What's wrong here ? Also, if for example we remove few data nodes, behaviour is the same - displayed subforms count is not changed, but instance manager says real count - the only difference that subforms for removed data nodes are represented without data(empty). I don't think this problem connected to binding as instance manager returns valid count of subforms - subforms instances are added/removed correctly, it seems it's connected to rendering - probably I need to call something in addition to remerge() method call ?

      Acrobat and Designer are both 8.1.

      Thanks a lot,