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    Appear-on-Mouse-Over Comment Boxes? (Not Sticky Notes)

      I'm an editor developing an interactive, contextual (i.e., nonlinear hyperlinked) author's manual for my employer.

      I've divided the information I want to include in my document into two classifications: advanced and intermediate.

      In order to preserve a crisp, concise, easy-to-read format, advanced-level material (that which doesn't require a lot of additional information) will comprise the bulk of the pages in the document.

      Additional (i.e., intermediate level) information will be included as hyperlinks from the main pages and, ideally, !! as text boxes that appear when the reader moves (hovers) his or her mouse pointer over a word in the document. !!

      My problem is that I'm unsure how to accomplish this last part. I don't want to use sticky notes because I don't want any superfluous graphical or textual identifiers to appear, and I prefer simple thinly ruled text boxes to appear on roll-over.

      Does Acrobat Professional have a tool to easily accomplish this task?

      Thank you very much in advance for your time and consideration.