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    (JS) Start Script in Acrobat - Continue in InDesign Document

      How can I most efficiently use an Acrobat Button Javascript to...

      1) Open an existing InDesign template (ie. NewSection.indt)
      2) Use data from fields in originating Acrobat Form to replace "place holder text" in the resulting InDesign document such as SectionName, SectionNumber, DocumentName, etc
      3) Save the newly generated InDesign document with an automatically created name such as Sect01.indd ... or at least bring up a Save As... dialog box
      4) Return to original pdf

      Does this make sense? I have tried to simplify as much as possible so that the end result is more flexible. Essentially, I guess it boils down to how does one JavaScript (I am a novice) interact with multiple applications, especially in using data?

      Thanks for any advice you can share!