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    Script for urls

      I'm usind Acrobat Pro 7.0.9
      I have several thousand single page pdf's that represent sample products that will be on a website. I need to get a web link into each of them that would take the user to that product page on our website.

      The filename would be the unique part of the url in each case.
      I'd like to know if this even doable with JS or if I need to look at another solution.

      Mark Burgess
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          Well, you could create a JavaScript that created a button (no border, fill, or behavior) with the desired font size and font at particular co-ordinates on the PDF. Said button would contain either a weblink or use more JS (i.e. "launchURL") to provide the link to the website. Once you have this you could embed this script in a Batch Processing sequence file and run your files through them in one fell swoop.