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    Add Text From Multiple Fields Into One

      I'm creating a form in Acrobat 9 that lets you fill in information for four cars. For each of the four cars, there is a text box for Manufacturer, Model, and Year. I have the boxes labeled Manuf1, Mod1, Year1, Manuf2, Mod2, etc.

      Then I two other text boxes called Text1 and Text2. In Text1 I want all the manufacturers listed together( example: Ford, Chevy, BMW) and the same thing for the models in Text2. What would be even better would be if in Text1 and Text2 the names could be seperated with "or".

      Is there a javascript that can do this and not repeat a name (if, for example, the first two cars were both Ford, the third was BMW and the fourth was Chevy, I want Text1 to display: Ford or BMW or Chevy, not: Ford or Ford or BMW or Chevy)?

      Thank you for the help!