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    'NotAllowedError' with the addFiel method in Reader

      The addField method works on a machine with Acrobat Professional installed, but does not on one with just Acrobat Reader. I get the following error from the browser on the machine with Reader:

      "NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method.
      Doc.addField:3:Field Button1:Mouse Up"

      I've tried to define that method as a "trusted" function in the app folder. Here is the script:

      "myAddField = app.trustedFunction( function ( doc ) {
      var myTrustedRetn = doc.addField('NextPage', 'button', 0, [200, 510, 210, 500] );

      return myTrustedRetn;

      And a button in the form has this script:

      "var newField = myAddField(this);"

      Enabling the form for Reader, addField method can be executed in the button but other scripts in the document-level are lost.Is there any way for executing the addField method in Reader without enablig the form for Reader?

      Thanks in advance.