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    Display values of fieldson an online form

      I'm at a loss as to how this Javascript works.

      I have a form with 2 input fields on page 1 (Fields are team1 and Division1). I would like to have both these fields displayed on page 2, however they are not input fields, only display fields. I defined the page 2 fields as team2 and division2. I'm a newbie at Javascript and i've tried all sorts of tricks found on these pages, but to no avail.

      I've added the following Custom Calculation script to team2 yet I keep getting an error message in debugger

      this.getField("team2").value = this.getField("team1").value;

      TypeError: this.getField("team2") has no properties

      Really at a loss. What is the best way to have the user input a field value and display that same value in a different field (read only).

      Thanks for helping!