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    language problem: search plugin don`t takes the string of the search object

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      I have a Search-Document to enter a phrase for a search in files located in a folder under my Search-Document - works fine, as far as the installed language-version of Acrobat is correct!
      If I open the russian version, enter the russian text via copy and paste, in an installed german version of Acrobat, the entered string can be allerted, but in the search-plugin the search-phrase is shown dotted ("." for each entered character) - nothing will be found! If I then open the search in the search-plugin and paste the text again, the phrase will be shown correctly and the text will be found.
      In the russian version of Acrobat the Search-Document works with the same phrase.
      Is this a problem of the API? ASCII-Code? Why can I allert the string correctly?
      Any Idea for a workaround?
      Thanks a lot, for a better understanding what´s going wrong.