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    Make a combo box a certain value when a check box is checked.

      Hi everyone!

      This is my first post, so be nice!! =p. I'm an adobe new blood. The code I write is probably mediocre at best, but it usually works. This time around, it didn't! I think I'm using an inappropriate command.

      Here is the code I am using:

      var f1 = this.getField("Combo Box1").valueAsString;
      var f2 = this.getField("Amount");
      var f3 = this.getField("Terms");
      var f4 = this.getField("IPV");

      if ( f1 == "Yes")
      if (f1 == "No")
      if (f4 == "Yes")

      The only thing which does not work is the last piece. What I'm trying to do with this part is when the "IPV" Check box is checked, I want the value "No" to come up in the "Combo Box 1" combo box.

      Any help would be great!!!

      Thanks in advance,
      Brandon M