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    Radio Button field required.


      I am new using Adobe PDF professional. How can I check whether one radio button from 2 radio button has been checked bedofe submit the form. Any help will be appreciated.

      Thank u!

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          You can use JavaScript to get the value of the check box field, and go ahead with the submit only if it has the correct value. Something like:

          // Get valie of radio button field
          var v1 = getField("radio1").value;

          if (v1 != "Off") {
          submitForm("your_url", etc...);
          } else {
          app.alert("Please select an option...");

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            Hi George,

            Thank you for the your help. If I have 3 different button with different field with different values what I do to in order to make the field required and if the field required been checked we can click the print form button to print.

            Thank you