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    How to remove from PDF pages with specific alphanum string? Or containing less than XX chars

      After capturing web site, have a lot of almost empty pages with just one line of text, or specific string like "no additional info about this item available"

      So need to delete all pages in document with specific alphanumeric string and / or containing "less than XX chars"

      Unfortunately could not find ready 3rd party software to remove all such pages.

      In neighbouring forum got adviced it's possible to do with Adobe JS, but reading official guide found only following:

      Suppose you would like to remove pages within a document. Invoke the doc objects deletePages method, which accepts two parameters:
      ● nStart: the zero-based index of the beginning page
      ● nEnd: the zero-based index of the last page
      For example, the following code deletes pages 2 through 5 of the current document: this.deletePages({nStart: 2, nEnd: 5});

      So it does accept only page numbers as parameters?
      How it could be used then to delete pages with specific content or string?