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    get data from computer using JavaScript


      I've found that if i generate an attachment within Acrobat, and write data to it, i can use that data in my JavaScript. However, if I save the attachment to my computer, and use Attach a File to add it again, it gives me this error:

      TypeError: Invalid argument type.
      Doc.getDataObjectContents:1:Console undefined:Exec
      ===> Parameter cName.

      So, if it does that with a file it created itself, I basically have no hope of writing a text file myself, and importing it successfully.

      Why does this happen? Is there any way to get data from a text file into Acrobat with JavaScript? Whether it's a .csv, .xml, or .txt file doesn't matter, as long as i can use JavaScript to import it, and i could potentially make the file without using Acrobat.

      Please help,